Top 10 Cheapest UK Escort Advertising Websites

Build your escort ad with cheapest classified websites available in the UK today.

Our mission? Cheap adverts, easily accessible to the masses! Check out ourlist of the cheapest classified escort and massage advertising sites listed in 2020 below today.

1. Kitty Kiss

Established in 2020, originating from the heart of the historic red light streets of Soho, London in the West End. Kitty Kiss is the cheapest one-stop destination for all your erotic desires. In addition to being an escort or adult classified site, it is also a leading ad posting site for various categories including adult dating, escort massages, sex cam, and additional services. For the adult category, online visitors can search for different categories, including adult dating, adult entertainment, escorts & massagers, webcams, adult jobs and even naked cleaners. It is currently the cheapest advertising website available for standard and VIP featured listings.

2. Escortguide

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Sports massage vs. Deep tissue massage

There are various types of massage therapy, all of which will involve the manual manipulation of the muscles.

However, one massage does not fit all – the right massage for you will depend on the injury, personal health, and desired outcome for the therapy. Along with deep tissue massage, sports massage is a common massage therapy, but how do you know which one is right for you?

Deep Tissue Massage Vs. Sports Massage

Although there are some similarities between sports massage and deep tissue massage, both techniques have different objectives.

The main purpose for a sports massage is about treating and preventing injuries experienced by athletes. This form of massage therapy helps athletes to increase and boost their performance and flexibility.

In contrast, everyone can benefit from deep tissue massage therapy. From reducing toxins in the body, to relieving stre…

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Escort Post an Ad FreeTrial

Incredible FREE TRIAL for UK EscortsTry us for free Take our free trial and see for yourselfwe know this works

200+ other escorts already advertise with us every month. They know it works. Each month we provide over 50,000 responses to our ads. That’s an average of 250 calls per ad. We deliver over 500,000 views of our pages a month. You can upgrade your ad to feature higher than the other escorts on Kitty Kiss. You can upload multiple pictures to get the most reponse at no extra cost.

Take your free trial today.It's as easy as ONE, TWO, FREE

1 - Click here to register your free account

2 - Make your advert, save it, but do not make any payment

3 - Send an email to with your log in user name. We'll approve the ad and give you all the super duper extras. For free.

Still reading?CLICK HE…
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7 Social Media Apps for Your Escort Brand

Are you a sex worker looking to market your adult services on social media? If so, you’re not alone.

Social media has reshaped the adult industry, giving sex workers greater visibility and the opportunity to grow their brand.

From escorting to webcam modelling, promoting your services on social networks is vital for reaching out to current clients and attracting future clients.

But which social channels are the best for building your escort empire? We’ve highlighted the best social media apps below.

1. Switter

To fight against the shadow-banning of sex worker’s social accounts, Switter is a social media space designed specifically for sex workers. If you’re a fan of Twitter, it’s a sex-work friendly alternative that’s similar to its appearance and function. If you’re looking to connect with clients and other sex workers, don’t miss out on this well-known social…

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CORONAVIRUS support resources for sex workers

The current climate has dramatically changed the way we live, including the way we work. Many of us have had to navigate through Coronavirus to ensure optimum safety, while still getting on with our daily lives. 

The crisis has seen many marginalised groups within society impacted, none more so than sex workers. In the UK and across the globe, sex workers have faced financial hardship and other life changing difficulties. 

To help, support, and protect the rights of those working in the sex industry, we’ve compiled a list of charities and organisations that have put together Coronavirus support and safety resources for sex workers.

National Ugly Mugs NUM have produced an insightful webinar providing tips and advice for sex workers during Coronavirus. If you’re looking for a work alternative, need tips on hygiene and the best practices on how…

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7 Best Ways to Date an Escort

Whether you are looking for companionship or have a busy schedule which prevents you from easily meeting people, there are numerous reasons why you may consider hiring the services of an escort for the evening.

To get the best from your time, though, it’s imperative that you treat the escort with the respect they deserve, from the very beginning of your initial contact, right up until you part ways – just like you would anyone else.

Therefore, to ensure harmony all-round and make it a date to remember, here are a few helpful pointers to guide you when booking a date with an escort.

How to book a date with an escort

The great thing about making a date with an escort these days is the ease of doing so.

With so many escort services available at the click of a button, there are hundreds to choose from.

But such a huge selection can also make it harder to know exactly who to pick and who is better suited to your individual nee…

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Twitter Feed


We have launched our new Kitty Kiss Twitter feed which will be used as a tool to post any new adverts.

The twitter feed will post:- New Girls - Site discounts and promotions- Blogs- Important site updates and expansions

We hope this will prove to be a useful extra tool for clients, highlighting the best talent and best prices.

Please follow us here

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How to build a successful escort brand

A reputable brand is crucial when it comes to the ongoing success of an escort. With so many clients now discovering sex workers online, the potential to reach a huge audience is vast.

Building a good business brand takes hard work and commitment. However, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to get your name out there, you can soon start to generate large amounts of profitable traffic to your escort profile.

Here we offer an essential guide to getting your brand started and, most importantly, building on it successfully.

An online presence is an escort’s most powerful online tool

The internet is an essential tool that, when utilised fully, can perfectly complement your escort brand.

With more escort workers understanding the power that online companies have, if you don’t yet have a good online presence, you’re potentially missing out on a huge market.

The perfect way to promote your brand, in many instance…

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KittyKiss Launch

Welcome to Kitty Kiss, the UK's first cheapest dedicated Adult search engine platform. gives you the ability to post an advert with up to 10 images in less than 2 minutes and appear live on our website.

We created this website to create a better interface for our clients, independents and agencies. Our goal is to be able to make your companion bookings seamless and cut out the hassle found on other advertising sites.

We want to build a transparent platform that improves the overall level of adult service in the UK, making it easier to select and book your companion.

Please also note that we are not an escort agency. We are simply a powerful advertising platform where companions / agencies can join.

Our search engine uses an algorithm to display top results based on user key words helping …

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