Only Approved Ads with KittyKiss


Do you advertise with KittyKiss? Have you experienced an issue with your ad being approved?

As a adult worker, keeping up with all your admin duties and ensuring your business runs smoothly can be pretty tough.

Below are some advisable tips on achieving profitable and durable ads on KittyKiss so you can keep on generating business without disruption.

Know how to post an ad on KittyKiss

For a stress-free experience, knowing how to post an ad on KittyKiss will prevent you from dealing with time-consuming issues during the process.

We advise you to watch our easy video guide on posting ads on our platform to get you generating business as soon as possible.


Guaranteed busines…

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Local Adult Work Search

Are you seeking local Adult Work?

You're definitely in the right place with our KittyKiss search engine which will help you to filter your local selection with your specific desires.

With over 72,000 adult workers in the UK including an estimated 30,000 working in London alone. With the huge volume of selection to choose from can be an overwhelming task. KittyKiss simplifies this search for you quickly, effectively and popup free.

How to find Adultwork Services

There are many ways to discover adultwork.

There are several types of Adultwork categories. These include personal companionship or virtual chat sessions.

Service preferences may include dinner dates, event companion or a full bedroom service, which may also include additional sexual services.

KittyKiss will help to refine your search to your personal local preferences before you pick up the phone to schedule an appointment.

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SpankPay: Our New Crypto Payment Gateway

We are excited to announce that SpankPay, the cryptocurrency payment processor from SpankChain launches with its first UK adult ads partner, KittyKiss UK. SpankPay offers a simple, seamless, low-cost way for users to publish adult content online. Users can use a number of different cryptocurrencies — including BTC, ETH, LTC, Zcash, Monero and most other top cryptos, for instant transactions and 1-click purchasing.

This is the second major product release for SpankChain, a company building blockchain-based economic and technological infrastructure for the Adult Entertainment Industry.

Paying for ads with us could never be simpler, get your ad posted with our new cryptocurrency payment gateway today.

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KittyKiss Adult Content – UK’s #1 Dedicated Platform

The appeal of fast money just for sharing “adult” content on social media like platforms took off faster than anyone was prepared for. Before the Savage remix came out numbers were already climbing of new online content creators, most flocking to OnlyFans. Covid-19 certainly pressed the gas pedal on the job’s popularity too. However, there are other platforms in this space besides OnlyFans that I would like to highlight.Adult Content at KittyKiss has has moved onto the scene during the pandemic as we specialise in the industry. There are so many options for monetising on this site. You can sell clips, custom videos, sexting services and host a storefront where you are allowed to sell virtually anything. But it doesn’t stop there!

Unlike other platforms such as OnlyFans, we enable customers to sell content without taking any commission. We only charge for advertising to eliminate fake adverts, spam and to ensure that you find genuine exotic girls on our website.

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¿Qué es Skrill y cómo funciona?

Skrill es una plataforma de pagos muy similar a PayPal, con base en Londres, Inglaterra. Es menos usado que PayPal, pero es popular en Reino Unido, y te diremos por qué.

Puede llegar el momento de que te aburres de PayPal, tu cliente sólo tiene Skrill, o quieres otra forma extra de cobrar tu dinero porque tu negocio va muy bien.

Ventajas de usar Skrill vs PayPal• Retirar tu dinero a tu cuenta bancaria no cobra comisión, a diferencia de PayPal.• Puedes comprar Bitcoins mediante Skrill.• Puedes asociar varias tarjetas de crédito y no importa si no están a tu nombre, puedes usarlas para fondear dinero a tu cuenta.• Puedes elegir si verificar tu cuenta o no(recomendamos verificarla para utilizarla con todas las de la ley)• Te puede llegar a pagar dinero si recomiendas a tus amigos.• Plataforma más sencilla de usar que PayPal.

¿Cómo funciona Skrill?

Para r…

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¿Cómo funciona PayPal?

¿Cómo puedo cobrar mis servicios vía PayPal? ¿Cómo recibo pagos de otros países? Seguro te preguntaste esto más de una vez si posees algún negocio de servicios virtuales. PayPal es una plataforma de pagos totalmente electrónica, que te permite enviar y recibir dinero en divisas internacionales, sin mucho protocolo, al instante y desde cualquier parte.

PayPal puede utilizarse desde cualquier parte en Latinoamérica, y toma menos de cinco minutos, sólo necesitas un correo electrónico activo, y afiliar una cuenta bancaria o tarjeta de crédito (no es obligatorio para comenzar a utilizar PayPal, pero se recomienda, más adelante verás por qué).

¿Cómo recibir pagos con PayPal?

Sólo debes darle tu correo electrónico afiliado a la persona que te hará el pago. Es lo único que debes proporcionar a tu cliente. Puedes recibir pagos desde el primer momento, así tengas afiliada o no una tarjeta o cuenta bancaria.

¿Por qu…

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Top 10 Cheapest UK Escort Advertising Websites

Build your escort or adult content ad with cheapest classified websites available in the UK today.

Our mission? Cheap adverts, easily accessible to the masses! If you don't believe us then take a look for yourself and check out our list of the cheapest classified escort and massage advertising sites listed in 2020 below today.

1. Kitty Kiss

Established in 2020, originating from the heart of the historic red light streets of Soho, London in the West End. Kitty Kiss is the fastest growing one-stop destination for all your erotic desires. In addition to being the cheapest escort or adult classified site in the UK, it is also a leading ad posting site for various categories including independent sex cam, escort massages, adult content, and additional services. Unlike, Onlyfans, KittyKiss takes 0% commission on any customer sales and only charges for advertising. The philosophy behind KittyKiss’s cheaper advertising is to bring affordability to customers, with cheap…

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Sports massage vs. Deep tissue massage

There are various types of massage therapy, all of which will involve the manual manipulation of the muscles.However, one massage does not fit all – the right massage for you will depend on the injury, personal health, and desired outcome for the therapy. Along with deep tissue massage, sports massage is a common massage therapy, but how do you know which one is right for you? Deep Tissue Massage Vs. Sports Massage Although there are some similarities between sports massage and deep tissue massage, both techniques have different objectives.The main purpose for a sports massage is about treating and preventing injuries experienced by athletes. This form of massage therapy helps athletes to increase and boost their performance and flexibility.In contrast, everyone can benefit from deep tissue massage therapy. From reducing toxins in the body, to relieving stress, lowering blood pressure, to reducing chronic pain, deep tissue massage therapy has a number of benefits.The ta…
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CORONAVIRUS support resources for sex workers

The current climate has dramatically changed the way we live, including the way we work. Many of us have had to navigate through Coronavirus to ensure optimum safety, while still getting on with our daily lives. 

The crisis has seen many marginalised groups within society impacted, none more so than sex workers. In the UK and across the globe, sex workers have faced financial hardship and other life changing difficulties. 

To help, support, and protect the rights of those working in the sex industry, we’ve compiled a list of charities and organisations that have put together Coronavirus support and safety resources for sex workers.

National Ugly Mugs NUM have produced an insightful webinar providing tips and advice for sex workers during Coronavirus. If you’re looking for a work alternative, need tips on hygiene and the best practices on how…

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