Financial Savvy in the Sex Work Industry

In the wake of the pandemic, financial stability is more crucial than ever, especially for independent sex workers managing their own businesses. Explore our comprehensive guide to discover 11 effective ways to save money and streamline your operations in the sex work industry.

Here are 11 Ways to Save Money and Boost Your Business:

Utilise Public Transport: Cut down on transportation costs by opting for affordable public transit options, saving both money and time for your business meetings.Access Free Sexual Health Clinics: Protect your health and your budget by obtaining free contraception and sexual health supplies from clinics specifically catering to sex workers.DIY Photography: Take control of your image by mastering the art of self-portraiture. With just a smartphone and some basic equipment, you can create professional-looking photos for your portfolio.Wholesale Bed Linen and Towels: Save on recurring expenses by purchasing bed lin…
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